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Tibetan Singing Bowl & Night Gong Meditation

Length: 50 minutes

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Singing Bowl is a bowl which produces musical sounds. They are said to clear bad chi and attract positive chi and improve vibrations in the house or work environment. Many people world-wide use them as an aid for meditation, music, relaxation and personal well-being. Combine this sound with subtle sounds of the night (slight winds, crickets and forest ambiance) PLUS Theta binaural beats set underneath, and you have an extremely powerful meditation track. This track is even ideal to be played in the background creating a peaceful environment.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Night Meditation is unlike any other music of it’s kind. First and foremost, they are LIVE and REAL recordings of Tibetan singing bowls and not processed like some other CD’s are.

This is a deep Theta binaural beat meditation CD – Many people may find this CD is so deep that they fall asleep during the track. Others may experience lucid visualizations, since this level of Theta is closely correlated with REM sleep. The Tibetan Bowl is played at random therefore it is not a distraction for meditation… you simply allow the sounds of the bowls to come and go, like the ebb and flow of a gentle forest wind.