Paul Headon

Born and raised into the south-west farming community of Hay NSW, Australia,  Paul Headon has always been aware of two things; sound and open spaces and how well they work together. Music and sound, the vastness of the plains and the endless sky.This has always been ever-present in the mind’s eye of this fine composer.

Beginning classical piano lessons at an early age at the local convent and then continuing in Sydney, with further studies in the mid 1970’s, Paul was absorbing all the music he could hear. Happy to perform but not sure of a clear direction, all of this was to change when he listened to an artist called Vangelis performing on an album called “China”. From then until the present time, the music that is Ambience has been Paul’s guiding light!

Whilst teaching music in the 1980’s in the inland cities of Griffith and then Albury, Paul’s fascination with synthesizers became his main source of inspiration. Other composers such as Mark Isham, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream helped to shape his earlier works.

Come the mid-nineties Paul had moved to the Australian coastal city of Wollongong, putting together a small but very functional studio and re-mastering some of his earlier works .

In 2005 Paul produced the singer/songwriter Wynn Morris for an entry in an Australian wide song contest promoted by the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple. The song was to be performed in the Grand Final in Taiwan and was a winning entry.

In 2007 Paul was asked to compose a song for the same competition and, along with the very talented singer Kate Farrar, performed this also in Taiwan. It was followed up in 2008 with Kate performing another of his songs in a similar competition in Malaysia.

These days Paul Headon can be found composing sound for what he describes as “Dreamscapes for Reflection and Meditations” as well as performing in quiet and intimate surroundings such as churches, temples and meditation rooms. Paul has remarked  “…I can hear music that is both healing and spiritual. A nice PA, subtle lighting, perhaps some interesting back-drops. I love performing with the quiet and calming emotion that only this music can bring. When I’ve finished, people come and speak to me about what they have just heard, I know that I have added something very important to their lives. All of this is a blessing to me and I’m humbled by it.”  Trax To Relax is proud to present to you Paul Headon’s wonderfully reflective music.

Equanimity By Paul Headon

Length: 41 minutes, 15 seconds (8 tracks)

1. The heights of happiness, 2. Aquiesce, 3. Equanimity, 4. Solace, 5. Mindfulness, 6. Sunrays (Through a clouded mind), 7. Raindrop Meditations, 8. An open mind.

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Here is an MP3 that is perfect for Yoga, meditation practice and healing. Full of rich compositions that have been composed by Australian composer Paul Headon, this CD is bound to take you away – to another place… a unique journey to Equanimity. There are 8 blissful tracks – 41 minutes in total

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The Middle Distance By Paul Headon

Length: 50 minutes, (9 tracks)

1. The Middle Distance, 2. My Invocation, 3. Up!!, 4. …As in a dream, 5. From my vantage, 6. Concerns for a quiet son, 7. Mount Warning Suite, 8. Sleepless, 9. Life’s little out take.

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Aired in Australia on ABC Classic FM and on the widely respected U.S. Ambience program “Echoes”, a wonderful MP3, perfect for massage, meditation and healing.  Glorious music that has  been composed by Australian composer Paul Headon, the music unfolds perfectly with much beauty contained. There are 9 blissful tracks – 50 minutes in total

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