Feedback & Testimonials

Your meditations are fantastic and truly help to reprogram the mind of negative thought patterns.  I try to listen to them every night and the amount of ‘labels’ I have peeled off from myself is unbelievable!  To think I became those labels and lived them when all it took are your tracks and simple meditation to be free of them.
Thank you again – they have done a lot for me – I couldn’t even go to the shops before without feeling self conscious and thought that everyone was laughing at me (sad but true) Your work has freed me of this pain.
I look forward to purchasing more of your stuff in the near future.

Tania, VIC, Australia – Hypnosis

I want to thank you for this excellent cd! It has my 7 year old falling asleep by herself every night!

Andy M, Australia. –  Fear Of Darkness Guided meditation

Hello Jason, your CD’S  I ordered are terrific. My wife has some depression and the rainmaker depression cd has helped her already! Thank you.

Bob, CA USA – Brainwave Entrainment music

Fantastic service. A wonderful product that has left me feeling very much at peace. Thanks again and I will be back for more soon.

Mary,  WA, Australia – Music meditation

I went to see a doctor for hypnotherapy and was paying $125 a session – Trax to Relax music deliver the exact same experience and results except I can do it in the comfort of my own home whenever I like and at a fraction of the cost.  They truly help loosen my minds control over me and you will notice within days all your fears and phobias disappear.  I love listening to the cds before bed – they relax me, clear my mind of clutter, imprint positive messages on my subconscious, give me the best nights sleep and enable me to face the next day fresh and full of new confidence!  Thank you Jason for sharing your work!

T.B.  Victoria, Australia. – Hypnosis product and Affirmations