A magical meditation

Author: Dimitri Koussa Location: Royal Nationa...

Author: Dimitri Koussa Location: Royal National Park, Australia Description: View from between Burning Palms and Palm Jungle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to share with you an amazing experience with meditation that comes to my mind. It was quite some time ago now (almost 10 years ago), but one I hold forever in my heart.

Bush walking is something I love to do, and on this fine day, it was even more magical. It was a beautiful sunny, ‘not a cloud in the sky’ day, and I was walking in the Royal National Park, Otford, NSW Australia. I would often come here to get away from it all.  Solitude can be a wonderful thing, as can the silence.  So it was just myself and my trusty back pack filled with some salad sandwiches, a few pieces of fruit and a litre of water.

Even writing to you now excites me (I have to admit its high time I did this trek again!) as the memories come flooding back. As I hiked along the coast track, the only sounds I could hear as I was walking were my breathing, my footsteps crunching on the brown leaves below and the multitudes of birds and cicadas calling. Oh, it was a heavenly day. To be away from phones, traffic, noise and industrial sounds that I live around is truly divine.  Sometimes I would just stop in my tracks so I could hear as much of the silence as possible. When I did this I could still hear my breathing and my heart beating (yes, it is that silent), however, to fully witness the silence and be wrapped within this wonder was indeed magical. Have you experienced this? Words really cannot do this justice.

Onwards I walked; through forest area, plain grassy field areas and then out into the open cliff face spaces where all I could see before me was the ocean blue. Ah, how perfect. (This was when the REAL magic was about to happen.)

I decided to stop for lunch on a flat rock face area where there was a sheer cliff drop about 20-30 metres into the ocean. I was still that high up that the pounding of the ocean waves against the rocks way below was almost inaudible. What I could hear however were the many varieties of birds tweeting and twittering behind me.

Bushland, Royal National Park, The Coast Walk ...

Bushland, Royal National Park, The Coast Walk Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was nice to stop, rest, eat and re-charge… and re-charge I did. After about 15 minutes of rest and marveling at the ocean in front of me I began to feel a peace within like nothing before. I stopped myself from thinking about it  and just allowed the time to unfold. Now I don’t know how long this lasted for, possibly it was only seconds, but I began to sense in those few moments that the entire world was within me! Almost like everything I had ever experienced in the past and everything I was possibly going to experience in the future was contained within me in that moment. It hit me as waves of the ocean hit you when you are swimming – it was washing over me, buzzing through my entire body. And the wonderful part was the connection with all – including all the people I knew in my life, even my past enemies, all passed through me with love. A golden moment. A total connection with nature, the universe and my higher source (God). Totally enveloped in love, peace and abundance. I had everything I could ever wish for in those moments of peace. As I sat there, I was excited and wanted to scream it out to the world “I’ve got everything! I have all I need. I don’t need anything else!” Of course, I didn’t scream out, but I did get up and  rush home to tell my parents of my experience.

Although I’ve had similar experiences through meditation, I still have never gone back to that ‘golden moment’ experience in my life. I’m sure it will happen again, or at least similar experiences. The trick is to just be in the moment. Not to aim for certain feelings or experiences, but rather just live them.