About Affirmations

Affirmations are like software programs that  literally “re-wire” your brain’s programming. In reality, this analogy is a lot more accurate than a lot of individuals think. Calling affirmations software sounds like a metaphor, but there’s more truth than simply on the metaphor level.

Affirmation recordings create an audio representation of your affirmations.  Your powerful unconscious mind is able to process the data and stores it. Affirmation recordings tap into this almost limitless potential and feeds you with an abundant flow of favourable statements. Eventually those positive affirmations will become a part of your truth as the unconscious assumes the data to be true.

Affirmation recordings come with a pre-recorded set of positive affirmations. Even though you might be tempted to fire them off immediately, do yourself a favour, take a step back, and understand how to use them correctly. Utilize your affirmation recordings wisely and often. Choose your favourite affirmations and write them out and pin them up where you can see them.  Listen to these affirmations on a regular basis (aim for 15-20 minutes per day) for a lasting and positive change. Say them out loud with the presenter and remember to add emotion to your words for a stronger impact. Affirmations are great to listen to whilst you are exercising! Place them on your ipod and begin today to change your life.

Affirmations for Adults HERE!